Gone are the days when Hyperion Essbase was installed on a machine somewhere in the finance department. The latest version, Essbase 21c, can now be deployed independently or on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It retains the robust Essbase engine with its highly advanced calculation functions, unparalleled dimension structures, and fastest response times.

The easy-to-use development GUI and powerful scripting possibilities make Essbase an ideal OLAP database for many purposes. Line-of-business personnel can be enabled to manage their applications themselves, but IT can also schedule scripts to rebuild complete applications which can be refreshed daily. No wonder Essbase is the foundation to many cloud applications like PCM and FCC.

Oracle Essbase offers very fast query response times for a vast number of concurrent users with its patented technology. Databases are typically pre-calculated to a certain extent so queries are delivered in a “speed-of-thought” to a wide array of client tools. Next to a strong Microsoft Office integration with Smart Tags, Essbase supports many other reporting tools with its open standard Java Interface, Essbase API and the query language MDX. Essbase offers a block storage, aggregate storage and hybrid storage model – each tailored to best fit the requirements.

The block storage model offers write-back capabilities at all levels in the database and is used as the data container in Oracle Hyperion Planning. This data storage makes the application a true MOLAP type database with powerful calculation engine including hundreds of out-of-the-box functions.

The aggregate storage model has all the advantages of a ROLAP type database, supporting many and very large dimensions, while keeping the performance similar to a fully calculated database. Straightforward aggregations are created in seconds and analysis work can start instantly. Calculations and queries can be created using the open standard of Multidimensional Expressions (MDX).

The hybrid storage model combines the strengths of BSO and ASO into a cube and is now widely used for many applications.

Trexco b.v. specializes in providing a full range of services for Essbase.