Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service is used for management and narrative reporting. It provides a secure, collaborative, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management reports.

Monthly or quarterly report packages need to be delivered to the management. This manual effort is time-consuming and collaboration is often inefficient. The data values have to be collected and a narrative needs to be created in synch.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service streamlines this reporting process by providing a platform for creating a secured and auditable report package. The system walks you through the phases you need for your report package, including due dates of assigned users in their roles (Owner, Author, Approver, Reviewer, and Viewer).

The Report Center is the single interface for the report package owner to define, manage, monitor, and interact with the content. You can also preview content and perform reviews directly in the Report Center interface. Assigned users also work with the report center and only see the content applicable to the role they have been assigned.

Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service includes Management Reporting, which is a completely cloud-based reporting solution for creating EPM cloud financial and managerial reports. It enables users to insert charts and grids from multiple EPM cloud sources, such as Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud, Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud and Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud, into a single report. Additionally, Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase and Oracle Essbase (on-premises) are supported as data source by Management Reporting. This report can then be embedded into Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud report package and integrated with the collaborative narrative reporting process. In addition, stand-alone reports can also be used for online viewing, interacting and printing.

The Oracle Disclosure Management Option for Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud allows users to develop their regulatory filings in a unified, collaborative environment. SEC filers, for example, may generate both XBRL and EDGAR HTML filing outputs from the same source, ensuring 100% validation of XBRL filings. It also emphasizes reuse and efficiency through its easy-to-use rollover process, providing XBRL tag migration and variable-driven smart text.