The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System was developed by Applied OLAP and is one of the leading reporting tools for Oracle Essbase since 1998. Dodeca places your existing Microsoft Excel workbooks into a safe, secure, and managed environment that makes it easy to access corporate data while limiting the chance of user errors.

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System integrates, manages and controls your Excel workbooks:

    Integration by combining your Microsoft Excel workbooks with your corporate data sources, including Oracle Essbase, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and many others.
    Management by storing spreadsheets centrally in a secure server and ensure that Dodeca users always receive up-to-date information. The Dodeca server is a focal point for collaboration. It leverages the expertise of your spreadsheet power users across the enterprise.
    Control by enabling/disabling specific user interaction with their spreadsheets, giving IT and Internal Audit the manageability and accountability necessary to have confidence in the integrity of the data.

And the good thing is: You do not need programming skills to make this work!

Many Essbase community members love this product, since it is the best way to bring their application to the users. In a unique way, it complements the possibilities of Oracle Essbase and OAC (Essbase in the cloud).

The key features include:
• Fast and easy user interaction with Essbase and SQL data sources.
• Write-back to both Essbase and SQL data sources.
• Advanced commentary function.
• Drill-through to anywhere, including the transactional level.
• Access multiple data sources including multiple Essbase cubes and relational data in a single report.
• Audit Logging to provide true accountability.
• High performance Essbase Ad-hoc retrieval.
• The row and column structures are built when report opens – always displays the current dimension structure.
• Procedures can be defined on user actions like open report, close report, save data etc.

Interested? Ask for a demo, and we can show you what these selling points / key features could mean for you.

Trexco b.v. is a partner of Applied Olap and can assist you with this software tool.