Trexco b.v. is a consulting firm specialized in implementing and administering business analysis and financial systems solutions based on the Oracle Cloud. We offer your organization advice and support in the design and implementation of Oracle Essbase and Oracle EPM projects. We have the required technical capabilities and the business knowledge to assist at all levels of your organization.
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Like humans, we think that every organization is unique. Some organizations wish to implement the software themselves and only require supplemental advice and support; others want a greater level of support and want to engage consultants to drive the entire project. Trexco b.v. operates within a network of other Oracle partners. Trexco b.v. delivers consulting, education, training, and technology implementation services in Europe for various industries.

Our Blog

We write from our experiences and comment on what is happening in the Oracle EPM space. Since you can find many excellent blogs in English, we decided to make the first and (up to now) only Oracle EPM Blog in German. Our last posts are found here!